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Our Mission

Provide high-end vacations to global vacationists at affordable prices and become the lead in our travel experience field around the world.

The TRUTH about our great price.

Because we believe that our Membership Benefits are worth sharing; so, we specially designed these vacation packages and we provide in a silver platter a unique price with more than 60% off retail price to Canadian and American Families.

The tour will be scheduled upon your arrival. The off-retail-promotion is offered to you in appreciation of 90 minutes of your time. A mouthwatering breakfast combined with a Membership Demonstration will be scheduled around your vacation time!

We would love to share this with everyone! Unfortunately, this is exclusive for American and Canadian Single Ladies, Married or Cohabiting couples. Must be between the ages of 40 to 74, have one bank credit card and a jointly income of at least $50,000 USD a year.


What is a Membership Demonstration?
Your selected resort will schedule a time while you are visiting the resort to participate in a preview presentation of all of the resort’s amenities & benefits. You are not under any obligation to purchase anything; however, you must attend the 90-minute presentation. The preview is fun, informative, and a mouthwatering breakfast comes aside with it.
Can we add nights to our package?
You're able to book from 5 nights, which is what we recommend, but if you feel like staying the full week, you can add up to 7 nights, 8 days total! ​
What number can I use to reach an agent?
Simply click-here and we will redirect you to the contact options we have available. ​
How do we arrange our complementary transportation?
As easy as sending your flight information to ​
How long after purchasing do we have to use our vacation package?
For your convenience, each of our resort destinations allows you up to 12 months from the date of purchase to select your travel dates and enjoy your vacation. Of course, our nights are subject to availability, so we always recommend calling us first before purchasing the plane tickets! ​
Are there any extra charges besides the advertised price?
Absolutely not! The advertised price is the final price for our package. ​
Are there any hidden fees/prices?
Not at all. We do our best to have the best rates on the market because we believe that our membership benefits are worth sharing! ​
How many vacation packages can I purchase?
Even though we would love to share this more than once, these vacation packages are one-time-only deals.
Can more than one couple/family travel together?
Absolutely! Up to two families are allowed to travel over the same dates and destination using this fantastic deal! Bringing a third one to your party won’t be possible, because, unfortunately, groups are not eligible for these promotions. ​
How many people fit per room?
The rooms we provide with the promotion are Junior Suite Units and can accommodate up to 4 people. ​
Are flights included?
Flights are not included in the price. The cost covers accommodations for 2 adults, All-Inclusive for 6 days and 5 nights and non-the-less complementary roundtrip transportation from airport to the resort. ​
What if I forget my credit card?
Unfortunately, we won't be able to proceed with your check-in due to the fact that a voucher is opened at the time of your arrival. ​
What if I forget my ID?
For your security and the security of the resort, we wouldn't be able to proceed with your check-in, due to the fact that it wouldn't be possible to verify you're the couple who purchased the vacation package! So make sure this doesn't happen to you. ​
What if my partner and I don't have matching IDs?
No worries! A scanned Proof of Address with both of your names on it can work just fine, in case your ID's have different addresses. ​
What if I don't want to go to the Membership Demonstration?
Since the discount is offered to you in appreciation of 90 minutes of your time with us, not attending to the presentation would make the resort charge the rack-rate at that moment. ​
What if I don't meet the qualifications, but I want to travel with a couple of friends who do?
This can work just fine! Tell your friends to book with us as soon as possible and you can tag along on an additional room on that same reservation at a fantastic price!
Can I transfer my package if I can't go?
Our packages cannot be transferable, unfortunately. So we encourage you to call us and try to change the dates to a time that's more convenient with your schedule. ​
Can I cancel my vacation package?
Due to the non-refundable nature of this package, we encourage you to call us and try to change the dates to a time that's more convenient with your schedule. ​
Can I give a down-payment?
Be our guest! $99USD Down-payment option is an option for you now. ​
Can I travel without my spouse?
Single/divorced/widowed women can use the promotion with no issue. Separated ladies or married ladies travelling without their spouse are not eligible for this promotion. Single men or men travelling without their spouse, unfortunately cannot use these packages. ​
What if there are three couples in our party?
Only two couples/families travelling on the same dates and destination are allowed. Three or more couples/families are considered a "group travel" ​
What if I don't qualify at the time of my arrival?
Unfortunately, you would be losing the discount and charged the rack-rate. ​
What if I don't have bank Credit Cards?
Then, we can't proceed with the reservation at this point. Make sure that your credit cards do not have any additional brand logos on them.
petes5482019 Oct, 2019
Five Stars
Best place in Mexico
"Beautiful resort with super friendly staff. We are planning our next trip to come back. Great clean, spacious room that was very well taken care of. Food was always good and there is lots of it. Everyone on staff was very friendly and kind"
Type of Stay: Couple
Date of Stay: Sep, 2019
kboscoe Sep, 2019
Five Stars
Worth every cent (and then some!)
"The ONE complaint I have is that the room we got didn't have a bathtub (it had a very roomy walk in shower instead). Views, location, amenities, staff, and food were all amazing. I appreciated there being different levels of dress code at the various resort restaurants as well (they had areas for "just came in from the beach" levels of dress all the way to "we are here for the black-tie wedding" levels)."
Type of Stay: Couple
Date of Stay: July, 2019
jazminb07 Oct, 2019
Five Stars
Highly recommend
"Rodrigo at the crepe station was awesome! Our waiter Alfredo was very nice and professional. Our waiter at the bigger pool was always very attentive! Overall best first family vacation! Room service leaves the best treats on their evening room check! Cristina at the front desk introduced us to Marquesitas! Everyone you come across is so sweet and helpful! Night shows are really cool! Our family was always entertained!"
Type of Stay: Family
Date of Stay: Oct, 2019

Type of Stay: Couple
Date of Stay: Sep, 2019

Type of Stay: Couple
Date of Stay: July, 2019

Type of Stay: Family
Date of Stay: Oct, 2019
From $629
From $1,149